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Employment Background Check

Mar 2

What is an employment background check? 

Different types of crimes have occurred in our society in today's modern world. With that being said, many companies now require some paperwork when we apply for a job. Employers check a candidate's background to see if they've been hired or possess any experience before their application. It enables the company to learn about the candidates' backgrounds.

A background check in Rock Hill, South Carolina is a simple and quick approach to learn about people, such as an employee's past and background. It’s the step in which you can see the employee's history. It can go more in-depth in terms of facts and information for the person you're interacting with.

Employee Background records

For many companies in Rock Hill, SC, a Background check is required. Background check is essential; it tells the details of an employee and it helps the employer know the employee's history. An employment background check is the review of the person's profile; it may include the following:

  1.       Criminal Records

The use of criminal history helps the employer know the employee's previous record. This history can tell if the employee is convicted, a sex offender, or in other criminal case related. In addition, the employer can decide if the employee is hired using the records. 

  1.       Employment Records

Background check tells employee concerns with their previous company. It means details of an individual's position and salary in the previous job. 

  1.       Financial Records

 This information includes civil suits or judgments, bankruptcies, or the collection or tax liens. 

These are some general information about employee background, but there are some documents including:

  •         driving records
  •         vehicle registration
  •         property ownership
  •         compensation

These records are essential in conducting a background check. First, it tells crucial details of an employee. It allows an employer to decide if the employee is qualified to work in the company.

Background check process

In the process of a background check, your employer must notify you in writing to get your written authorization. In like manner, the employer is conducting inquiries on their own, rather than getting a report through another company, and they do not legally have to ask for your consent. For example, they do not have to get your consent to call your former company. They only need to notify you if they use a third-party employment screening company. 

From the employment screening company, they give you some adverse action and notice if they decided not to hire you in their company. 

What information can be checked by the employer?

By the background of an employee, there are such details that the employer can check. An employer can check some information in your experience: criminal records, work history, drug test results, driving records, military records, compensation, court records, property ownership, and sex offender information. An employer can also speak or gather some information from your neighbors and friends. 

The extensive gathering of information depends on your company. For example, it may allow an employer to check if the company you want to apply to is a high-security clearance.

Information can't check by the employers. 

The restriction of the employee's information includes bankruptcy after ten years, civil suits and civil judgment, records of arrest in 7 years, paid tax liens after seven years. But the restriction doesn't apply if the rule of the salary is $75,000 or higher than that. 

That was the restricted information of an employee that the employer can't check. Some of the details are restricted and cannot be disclosed in any other circumstances. 

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